1st week with the bike

Have I told you already? I love cycling. For mindfullness fans: the road is as important as the destination. Senses are working overtime, you have to stay alert, look where you go, think about the destination AND be aware of the present. Beware of danger, be sharp, focussed. Alive right now.

Focus is just what I struggle with since quite some time. If you know me, you know: “OK, Marc has left the building!”. Curiously, never on the bike, even with earplugs on (I know, listening to music while cycling is not recommended, but if it’s not too loud, why not?)

This week I went, for the first time for real, for groceries with the bicycle. In fact I have done that before, but only in between, knowing that the real groceries, with the car, would be a few days later.

But now, it is the real stuff: I have to think everything through to buy all that is needed but not too much, according to the max. volume of my bags but to ensure we have all we need for the next few days. Make a list and stick to it.

A halffilled caddy at the cash desk. This is too much for the bags! Hope it will be ok if I use the back pack. And what will the bananas look like after the bike ride?

The result: the back pack was not needed, everything arrived undamaged, almost 30 kg of groceries after a spotless ride.

OK, I agree, the weather was ideal, 20°C, no rain, a little bit windy. What if it was 30°C ? Maybe a little cool box would help, it should be doable. Especially with a bike trailer. Thomas, our eldest son, has a Croozer, he wanted to use it to bring the children to school. It didn’t happen, so the trailer is available.

If you wait for good weather to ride your bike, you might as well have it made of papier maché