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61, living in the country without owning a car. Is it possible?


30 June 2019 0

Hot, hotter, hottest. The heat makes me lethargic, sticky. Searching for refreshment or shadow. The worst thing is at night. Tossing and turning, the pillow wet with sweat. Still, I rode the distance, last days. And for the first time with a trailer! To the grocery store and the fresh market, with a picnic cooler…

By Marc Vander Putten

1st week with the bike

21 June 2019 0

Have I told you already? I love cycling. For mindfullness fans: the road is as important as the destination. Senses are working overtime, you have to stay alert, look where you go, think about the destination AND be aware of the present. Beware of danger, be sharp, focussed. Alive right now. Focus is just what…

By Marc Vander Putten