11 March 2022 0 By Marc Vander Putten

I have no illusion, but with what’s happening in Ukraine, we should think twice.

We have let capitalism go its own way, we always wanted more and cheaper, closing our eyes for immorality. We have traded with Saudi-Arabia, China, and also Russia. Not only the countries but the companies we traded with are highly questionable.

We now spit on the oligarchs and their yachts, but we forget that we also are responsible for their wealth because we traded with them. Only a while ago, Abramovitch was merely the owner of Chelsea. We still buy oil from the same sheiks who are funding terrorism, but we ignore it because we want diesel at 1,5 €.

We shed crocodile tears at the sight of people from Kiev or Mariupol, but we also complain about the price of gas. Secretly, we think : let’s hope the whole thing won’t last too long, so I can cruise again.

I have no illusion. After the crisis, the money-grubbers will take over again. Ethics will be put aside. We will aim for our 5 euro T-shirts and the newest iPhone “made in China”.

Humans are naturally cupid. That’s why capitalism is considered as the highest aim. “To have” above “to be”.

This is a call for ethics above capital, humanity above money. This is a call for less, humble, local, small-scale.

The moment has come to regulate the free market, enforce ethical values like human rights and ecology. Doesn’t it make you mad that, now the guns are shouting in Ukraine, speculators and companies are making fortune thanks to the prices of gas and wheat ? That, since the beginning of the corona crisis, the 10 biggest fortunes have doubled their wealth ? Only two examples showing that the system sucks.

What if the market could be adjusted with strict ethical rules, what if we could abandon growth and replace it by other values ? What if « to be good » would be more important than « to be rich ». What if a nurse would earn more money than a speculator ? How to achieve this, I’m not sure, I leave it to the scientists. But don’t tell me that it’s not possible, search until you find, “wir schaffen dass””.