Hot, hotter, hottest. The heat makes me lethargic, sticky. Searching for refreshment or shadow. The worst thing is at night. Tossing and turning, the pillow wet with sweat.

Still, I rode the distance, last days. And for the first time with a trailer! To the grocery store and the fresh market, with a picnic cooler in the trailer. The trip was ok, to pull a trailer appears to be easier than I thought. The trailer itself, however is not ideal for groceries. The purchase of a more suitable trailer has to be considered.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is IMG_20190626_114347378_HDR-1024x768.jpg
bags and trailer well filled


It’s not the first time, but I had a wrangle with a motorized person. This time, it was a bus driver. I was heading for the fresh market, riding on a bicycle street/bus lane, the bus was right behind me. I had to stop, The driver didn’t like it. He sound the horn, came next to me, opened his door and began to yell at me. To stop this way is not done, he had to break suddenly. It didn’t occur to him that it was because he was driving too close to me…

I tell this story to illustrate how bicycles have to interact with cars (and busses). To make more bicycle streets will not solve the problem, it needs a game changer, or simply a few generations to change mentality. I don’t want to blame the bus driver, he could have had a bad day, I can imagine everyday is not Sunday, driving a bus.

At the fresh market, I tell a stall keeper that we have sold the car. His reaction: what if there is an urgency? My answer: I am faster than a pedestrian, often also faster than public transport. Are faster than me: cars, motorcycles, helicopters and jets. Being fast is a subjective concept, the stall keeper doesn’t have an helicopter. He didn’t know what to answer. “Yes, but still…”