old man’s comments

My generation has achieved a lot but also destroyed as much. We have brought welfare to a lot of people but at the same time created poverty for even more of us. We have made a short term gamble, we have closed our eyes for anything that is far from us.

I feel we have reached a threshold: welfare has become greed, it makes people wonder. The world is polarized, between populists and humanists/ecologists. Among the latter, the young students who skipped school for a better future for man and nature. Unlike many of my generation, I’ve listened to what they had to say.

I did my part in damaging the environment. Disposable plastic, travelling by plane, etc etc, my ecological footprint is huge.

So now, I try to redeem myself a little bit, in my own way. And I share this attempt with you, because I want to start a debate, so we can help each other to rethink our way of life. This debate should not be limited to only the ecological issues, because man and nature includes everything, so we will deal about politics, economy, social life,… If we want to make a big leap, we have to question everything.